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        Shandong Baimai Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd ? ? ? ?Tel:?+86(531)-83877197

        Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

        Tel: +86(531)-83877197

        Fax: +86(531)-83877197

        Quality is the capital of enterprise survival. To satisfy customer and technical requirements, only high quality products in the market that we will be recognized by customer.
        Our engineers and technicians attend all kinds of professional trainings and keep an eyes on the development of current technology to maintain the products’ lastest technical standard.


        TC4810-QTZ40 4T Frenquency Control Tower Crane

        TC4810-QTZ40 4T Frenquency Control Tower Crane
        1. Advanced Technology : Performance parameterd and technical indicators  have reached the leading domestic and international advance level, the maximum working rang of 42 meters, an increase of tower crane’s working space.
        2. Attractive Design: Good Shape the form of an international pop machine, also can customized according to clients’ requirments.
        3. High Quality Production : High operating speed , speed performance, smooth and efficient.Rigid doubl-rod boom suspension, rigid, light weight, small cross section. 
        4. Stable Structure: This kind of crane adopts standard section hydraulic lifting and connecting ensure safe and reliable.
        5. Efficient Electrical Control System: SCHNEIDER electrical components ensure reliable and safe mechanism of A CLASS tower crane.
        6. Reliable and Safety Cab: Indepedent of side cab, good vision, creativity to the operator a good enviroment. Cast steel brake wheel, hoisting mechanism is tested in multi-ways.
        7. Easy Maintenance and Low Cost: We supply maintenance video with tower crane to help clients know how to install tower crane, and how to repair when the tower crane break down.

        Model TC4810-QTZ40
        Basic Information Rated Lifting Moment (kN.m) 400
        Jib length(m) 48
        Tip Load (T)  1
        Max. Lifting Load (T) 4
        Free Standing Height (m) 30
        Max height with attachment(m)  120
        Details Configuration
        Lifting System Motor Power(kw) 15/15/4
        Reducer center distance 450mm
        Lifting Speed(m/min) (a=2)
        59/27/6 (a=4)
        Steel Wire Rope Specification 6x19-12.5-zs
        Slewing system Motor Power(kw) 3.7
        Reducer Output Torque(N.m) 10000
        Reducer Type XX4-80
        Slewing Speed (r/min) 0.46/0.7(0~0.6)
        slewing abutment Specification HSW.32.1220
        Luffing system Motor Power(kw) 2.2/1.5
        Luffing Speed (m/min) 22/33
        Steel Wire Rope Specification 6x1-8-zs
        Jacking system Jacking speed (m/min) 0.4
        Motor Power(kw) 4
        Diameter of cylinder (mm) φ125/φ90
        Other Accessories working pressure 20Mpa
        Main Cable Specification 3×10mm2+2
        Main Electrical Used Schneider Stainless Steel Cabinets Space cragt Cabin

        CONTACT US

        Address: Chengdong Industrial Zone of Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China.

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